Capabilis offers services that support the entire life cycle of applications, systems and services from planning and design through implementation and integration to support and maintenance. Our services help customers to operate their applications, systems and services to be efficient and profitable.

Capabilis has broad expertise in the field of electronic communications arising from the experience of developing and implementing their own solutions and in particular the development and deployment of applications and value-added services and information society services.

  • Analysis, evaluation and improvement of existing applications and value-added services or information society services. Analysis and preparation of technical specifications and architecture.

  • Analysis of application and services integration in telecommunication networks and the analysis and plan of integrating applications and systems in a business network linking various existing customers and new components in functionally effective and unique business system.

  • Market and competitive advantage analysis and creation of business models, business cases and / or business plans.

  • Analysis of market trends for applications and services in electronic communications, especially in the field of next generation fixed and mobile networks.
  • Integration

    Capabilis offers integration of heterogeneous systems into a single solution.

    Along with vertical and / or horizontal integration of software components and applications we develop the missing functions and mediating solutions ensuring integrated solutions in accordance with specific customer needs.

    Capabilis maintenance system provides the customer high availability of software product and end users' service quality. Knowledge and experience of our staff are available to our customers at all times.

    Maintenance and support includes preventive, corrective and adaptive maintenance.

    Capabilis offers the following maintenance services based on immediate response and rapid initial and final resolution of the problem:

  • Remote Technical Support 8x5 - Support system, continuous from 9 a.m. to 17 p.m. hours on weekdays.
  • 24x7 remote technical support - support system, continuous all hours (0-24) every day.
  • On-site customer support - Capabilis experts can maintain and upgrade our products on-site upon customer request.

  • Education

    Reliable and efficient operation of applications and services in the field of electronic communications requires competent people with the necessary knowledge and skills. Therefore, the buyers of our products gain access to high quality training of their employees.