e-Consultation is a system for electronic consultation intended for collaboration of people on creating certain documents of common interest. e-Consultation automates complete process of document creation e.g. laws, statutes, rule books, strategy documents, etc. through web interface. e-Consultation covers whole lifecycle of electronic consultation as shown in the figure on the left.

e-discussion was co-funded by the Programme checking of innovative concept and BICRO.
e-Consultation in more detail
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Text Analyzer, TextAn, is an innovative software component that allows multilingual communication between users and systems using unstructured text.

TextAn software component is meant for everyone who is developing software applications or services that rely on any form of textual communication with the end-user (e.g. e-mail, SMS, instant messaging...).

The service is based on recognition of free content created by end users.

TextAn in more detail