Capabilis is characterized, along with creative and teamwork culture, by experienced, ambitious and highly creative professionals, open and modern working environment and development, quality processes and effective projects.

Our advantages are:

  • team of educated and creative professionals
  • high quality focus
  • skills in the field of software technology and software engineering
  • aaaaa
  • Processes and Projects

    Capabilis, in addition to professional project management, covers the entire software life cycle based on RUP (Rational Unified Process) for major development projects. For smaller development projects we are using the concept of Extreme Programming (XP).

    CAPABILIS has knowledge, skills and experience in:

  • object oriented analysis and modelling techniques (UML)
  • object oriented programming
  • component based design
  • distributed computing
  • next generation networks integration
  • development and implementation of new converged technology services related to voice and data transmission in a distributed network enviroments.
  • Capabilis has skills, experience and knowledge about:

  • Java Enterprise and Microsoft .NET platforms
  • relational databases
  • Service Delivery Platform (SDP)
  • communication signalization and protocols
  • Research and Innovation

    Capabilis research efforts are aimed at creating new ideas, applications and services that bring new value and solve real problems in the market for electronic communications.

    The research is conducted in collaboration with the Department of Telecommunications at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of Zagreb.